Wheelchair Wheel Table

- DIY, Repurpose

A few months back I purchased an old wheelchair wheel with a plan of using it as part of a table.  My plan was to find a cool base, add the wheel, and then top it with a piece of glass.


This morning as I was digging around my basement storage area I had my “aha” moment when I spied this stool that I forgot I had (a function of either old age or too much stuff).


I took the top off the stool and was left with a perfect base for the table that had both the wood and metal elements that I love.


I adjusted the stool to a good table height and then added the wheelchair wheel to the top of the stool.


The wheel sat pretty firmly on the stool but I added some staples over a few of the spokes to better secure it. Then I topped it off with a tempered glass top that I was lucky to find at a thrift store for $4.00!

I’m not sure that the weight of this glass will keep it from sliding so I’m going to investigate adding some clear velcro at a couple of the contact points. The completed table.


Source: mamiejanes