Using Books to Create Shelves

- Creative Shelving, DIY

I’ve seen several variations of using books to create “book” shelves in the home. In most cases, it means sacrificing one of your books for the sake of the shelf which can be difficult for many. This DIY home project combines the look of books as shelves while preserving the text. This also allows for easy switching when you discover that the next novel on your summer reading list is currently being used elsewhere in the home!


Step 1: Find some cloth- or leather-bound books with beautiful spines that will work well together as a grouping.


Step 2: Buy two sets of brackets, using one set for below the books and a single bracket for above. Measure the thickness of each book and start drilling.


Step 3: Slide each book between the top and bottom brackets before placing light-weight objects on it.


..and you just create book shelves, literally 🙂 Find a DIY book shelf to fit your style (and your stuff) here!

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Source: realsimple