Unique DIY Wall Clocks

- DIY, Repurpose

If you need inspiration for your next DIY project this could be a good idea. Clocks listed below are very unusual and interesting, but they can be made very easy.You will only need clock movement mechanism which you can buy on the internet and for the rest you can use some of the ideas below.

diy wall clock

1. Bike disc wall clock
bike disc wall clock


2. Wall clock with family pictures

clock from a familiy pictures


3. Wooden sticks wall clock

clock from wooden sticks


4. Wall clock made out of ties


clock made out of ties

5. Wood wall clock

DIY Wood Slab Wall Clock


6. Pot clock

kitchen wall clock


7. Large square barn wood domino clock

Large square barnwood domino clock


8. Bike wheel clock





9. Designer bike chain clock

time walks clock


10. Cubes wall clock



If you have any other ideas, please share in comments.

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