Top 10 ideas to spice up your home

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You probably know the old adage, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Have you ever put that into action? The best things in life are almost free. Some of them we can use to spice up or home just a little bit more. So why don’t we take some of our old stuff and turn it in something beautiful and functional.


1. Bold Nightstand

Don’t know what to do with that small, damaged table? Why not make it in to a nightstand. It’s quite simple. Cut it in half and paint it with a bright color to give that tiny piece a bold look and voilà.


Source: HGTV


2. Bike Chandelier

Have a broken bike? Well don’t throw it away! With a little effort you can make a beautiful chandelier out of those old bike parts.


Source: BoredPanda


3. Light bulb candles

If you have some light bulbs that you don’t need lying around you can use them to make these unique and unusual candles. If you don’t just go to your local thrift store and buy a couple it’s very cheap and worth it.

Source: Funcage


4. Old suitcase as a medicine cabinet

Well it will definitely get a lot of attention and start a lot of conversations. And most suitcases provide a lot more storage space then most cabinets. Quite simple to make yet so beautiful and useful. You can also put mirror on the front of the suitcase.


Source: Twistedsifter


5. Lego key holder

If your child is tired of playing with his Lego’s. Don’t throw them away when u can make for example a key holder that every house needs. Just remember how many times you lost your keys in your house. Why not have an extra key holder if you have one already. And to make it more interesting it will be unique.


Source: Twistedsifter


6. Jeans holder

Can’t fit into your old jeans? Your pens and tools can.


Source: ViralNova


7. Old windows as room or office divider.

These reclaimed windows provide separation between the living and dining areas while admitting light and views. Make a big statement for your home without taking up much square footage.


Source: Houzz


8. Turn an Old Dresser into a Cozy Bench

Everything about this furniture makeover project is fantastic. The instructions are simple and if you can manage to get one of these old dressers (or you already have one) for cheap price then this is a must do project!


Source: Diyncrafts


9. Bottle vase

Got some old bottles lying around? Don’t throw them away. Grab your watercolors or paint markers give them a makeover and use them as a vase instead!


Source: Craftgawker


10. Soap dispenser DIY

Up-cycle an empty liquor bottle into a soap dispenser and get that rustic industrial look in your bathroom.


Source: Wemustbedreamers

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