Top 10 decorating tips to spice up your bedroom

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Tired of your old bedroom interior? Tine for a change? Being in love with your living space is very important if you want to feel good in your own home. Especially the room where you sleep in. If you don’t like being around that room, you can’t expect to have a good-night’s sleep. And we all know sleep is essential to our overall well-being and happiness. But with these 10 ideas up your sleeve, you’ll fall in love again with your bedroom in no time.


Let’s dig in:

  1. Hanging planters

Plants don’t only make the space prettier, but healthier as well. What you will need it a planter, some rope (anything from colored wool to plain rope will do, as long as it’s firm).


Source: Apartment Therapy


  1. Leaf Tea Jar

Bring those wonderful fall colors straight into your bedroom. You can get everything you need from a local store, including tea lights mason jars Mod Podge, sponge brush, raffia, and scissors.


Source: Spark and Chemistry


  1. DIY Floor Poufs and Ottomans

DIY Floor poufs are an amazing accessory to any room – however big or small. They are extremely practical and can give you dorm room a fresh new look.


Source: Apartment Therapy


  1. A trunk as a nights stand?

Why not? There are plenty of things you can use as a night stand, and trunk is definitely among the top 5. It looks awesome and it’s useful as well – just think of all the things you can store in there!


Source: Homedit


  1. A custom print wall mural

Make your room come to life with a personalized wall mural. It will give your room a whole new perspective.


Source: HGTV


  1. Nails polished Marbled Votives

This simple yet effective method will make any glass look like a piece of art.


Source: HGTV


  1. Trendy marble pillow case

Pillows add personality to your space. Make marble pillow cases that will match the color of your room.


Source: HGTV


  1. Customized ribbon-trim curtains

Chances are you have a plain white pair of curtains that are simply too boring. Why not give them a little makeover by adding a ribbon trim?


Source: HGTV


  1. T-shirt rug

Don’t throw away those old T-shirts just yet! You never know when you may need them for a T-shirt rug!


Source: HGTV


  1. A dotted lamp base

Lamps are an indispensable accessory in every dorm room. If you’re tired of your old lamp, add a little sparkle here and there and voilà!


Source: HGTV

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