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DIY Rope Knot Table Lamp


Rope knot table lamp is made from thick nautical rope that is tightly twisted and knotted. Original Pottery Barn Rope Knot Lamp cost 245$. You can make a close replica for just 25$.


Image credit: downhomeinspiration

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Recycled Wood Pallets Ideas for Garden Decorations and Outdoor Furniture

- Pallets Furniture

Eco friendly ideas for recycling wood pallets and making attractive garden decorations or outdoor furniture are simple and inspiring. Wood pallets are a great material for designing inexpensive, bright and eco friendly garden decorations, bike storage stands, outdoor tables and chairs, and even dog houses.


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Being Green with Denim Blue Jeans

- Green Design

“Denim is one of the world’s oldest fabrics, yet it remains eternally young.” This declaration by a writer for American Fabrics magazine back in 1969 is still true today. Denim is universal and although styles may change through the years, we all have a pair of our favorite old jeans that fit just right.

jeans planters 

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