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How to repurpose children toys?

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It is a big problem when your children grow up and don’t play with the toys anymore. Or they just get bored from the old toys. If you don’t want to throw them away and you have a lot of toys at home you can be creative and do something about it. For example you can repurpose them. You can make many interesting stuff that can be also useful. Use the old dinosaurs to make flower pot, or use them as hooks. Also if you have vintage toys like trucks you can use them as pots or storage for your books.


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DIY A garden armchair made of plastic fruit crate


What yesterday was a plastic fruit crate, today has become a fun garden chair. Put it in the shade of a tree, throw some pillows and enjoy a good read!


Image credit: DIY Enthusiasts

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DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas – Cutlery and Utensil Storage Solutions

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There are so many creative and uncommon ways to store things in the kitchen. With our fresh kitchen storage ideas you can create an eclectic and functional kitchen space with a variety of different decor elements. These great utensil storage solutions are easy to make and look realy cute.


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