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How to Make Keep The Change Jar?


Imagine all the change you could collect if you put it all in a jar when you are emptying pockets before washing clothes. You could just have a bowl or jar out on a shelf, but why not make your own super cute "Keep the Change" holder. These would make great gifts as well.


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Desserts in a Jar

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Desserts in a jar are very attractive and for some reason look more yummy than the regular deseert plates. Browse through for some great dessert recipes in a jar!

dessert in a jar

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DIY: Hanging Mason Jar Storage


All of us often are facing problems with the storage. We don`t have enough space for all our stuff and our homes are not so good organized, and usually we spend a lot of money for buying extra closets and storage items. But we have some easy DIY budget-friendly solution for extra storage in every home. RX-HGMAG011_Quimby-Kitchen-144-a-4x3_lg Continue Reading