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Ladder and lantern DIY project

- Creative Lighting

Creating additional lighting on the patio can be easier then you think if you are willing to” step it up” with a ladder and a few lanterns. Although not intended to light the entire space, it’s perfect if you are trying to create “mood” lighting while dining or entertaining.


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DIY: Zip Tie Lantern

- Creative Lighting, DIY

An awesome home decor DIY, this Zip Tie Lantern is totally unique and really beautiful. Best of all: it's made from standard zip ties found in the electrical department of Home Depot! 


Image credit: Momtastic

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Lighting Floating City

- Creative Lighting

We wanted to build a floating city. With the clips we were able to easy construct a big unit out of many cardboard boxes. Cut some windows and put a light chain inside. Now it is glowing in the livingroom, giving light to a bit dark corner.


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