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Dresser to Kitchen Island Repurpose Ideas

- Repurpose

In design world, it is sometimes possible to model something which unintentially has two or more identities or let’s say functionality. Such cases often relevealed with repurpose projects. Creative diyers take the other identity out of those items. Dressers to kitchen island transformation projects are the best examples of what I am trying to explain so far. Some of the remodellings look so good that as if they were  islands in their previous lives. No, no I don’t believe in reincarnation but look at this one, it will almost convince me on that. Who believes it was a dresser before? It is truly designed to be a kitchen island. And on the other hand, this one is remodelled so geniuosly that no other island would look better than it for that kind of kitchen designed in transitional style. Check the rest of the article and let the photos flow your creative juices.


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