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How to make a bench from old chairs?

- Repurpose

What do you do with an old chairs? Turn them into a soft, lovely, upholstered bench. Odd chairs are a dime a dozen, add the thousands (and thousands…) of chairs every year discarded due to broken seats and you’ve got yourself a mountain of scrap chairs to hack. One excellent idea is converting the scrap chairs into sculptural ‘chair benches’.

French-Styled Bench with pillows

Image credit: An Oregon Cottage

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Adorable Repurposed Umbrellas

- Repurpose

We all have old umbrellas at home, so you don’t have to throw them you can use them for something smart. Just use your imagination and make that happen. A lot of creative people use the umbrellas to make something creative for their home.


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Ideas how to reuse old boats

- Recycle

We present you old wooden boats that are given new life. They add lots of rustic nautical charm and character to homes, gardens and outdoor areas. Enjoy in these ideas how to reuse, recycle and repurpose old boats or canoes.


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