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DIY Bench Transformation


Harp-back chairs are frequent finds at used-furniture stores and flea markets—ripe for a DIY reinvention. With just a little more than a screwdriver, a salvaged plank, and some wood glue you can transform old chairs or old bench into this charming bench, perfect for a mudroom or foyer.



Image credit: centsationalgirl

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How to make a bench from old chairs?

- Repurpose

What do you do with an old chairs? Turn them into a soft, lovely, upholstered bench. Odd chairs are a dime a dozen, add the thousands (and thousands…) of chairs every year discarded due to broken seats and you’ve got yourself a mountain of scrap chairs to hack. One excellent idea is converting the scrap chairs into sculptural ‘chair benches’.

French-Styled Bench with pillows

Image credit: An Oregon Cottage

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