Small balcony ideas for everyday use

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As small can be a balcony, there are smart ways to turn it into a viable external space for food and for rest after a tiring day.


  • Folding table:  Glue a folding table in railings, to enjoy a meal or your coffee in the balcony and then fold into the railings.
  • Hanging Grill: Because in a small balcony there is no room for full-sized barbecue, there’s hanging, compact and functional (easy lighting, quick cooking) and satisfactory aesthetic.
  • Pots-zarntinieres: Even plants can live in a small balcony, provided that the pots and zarntinieres to rely on impale them on to save space.

And many other balcony ideas,some of them we have collected and want to share with you in the following picks

  • Kathy

    This is so nice…I love all the ideas.

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    GREAT Ideas, Love that small hanging Grill will get one for my Balcony.