Silver spice rack

- DIY, Repurpose

This post will introduce idea of making new racks for your spices. I bought these silver plated casserole trays a few weeks ago at a local thrift store.


I love the detail of the legs on this one. I had several ideas of different things I could do with them. So many actually, that I’m on the look out for more.


I bought a little wood at Lowe’s and tiny wood trim at Michael’s and came up with this.


I used tiny tiny nails and wood glue to attach the molding to the edge of the wood plank. Then painted all with metallic silver paint and then rubbed on a bit of black paint. The shelves turned out looking just like the actual servers – like tarnished silver.
I attached the shelf to the server in two different ways. The bottom shelf I was able to attach using very small screws that went through the fret work of the silver tray and into the shelf. But the smaller tray…the fretwork was covered where I needed to attach. So, I drilled two small holes through the shelf and wired it in place. Both ways worked equally as good.
 I hung them using picture frame wire. I kind of have a thing for picture frame wire. I like the look of it all twisted around the legs.
I searched all over for glass spice jars and finally settled on salt and pepper shakers. I bought at Target. I covered the holes in the top of the shakers with clear packing tape on the inside. I just cut a square of it to go over the holes.
I made the labels on my computer, printed, cut them out and covered with  clear packing tape making them water proof.
I love having my spices easily accessible and it’s pretty too.
Source: modvintagelife