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It appears someone has just done what we all secretly wanted – buy a bus, rip the seats out, fit it with beds and tour the country with friends and family. Meet Hank, an architecture student, tired of drawing buildings that would never exist, for clients that were imaginary, and with details he didn’t understand. He decided to keep his thesis very much real and full scale. Though the home isn’t fully livable yet, it is getting close and is an ongoing project for the young architect. Take a tour through his converted bus and see how much living space and storage can be created on a 225 square foot home.

full view bus home

The architecture student bought an old Chevrolet school bus for $3,000 on Craigslist and then dumped another $6,000 into it to convert it into a 225-square-foot apartment on wheels. This photo shows the entire length of the converted bus home. The furniture is simple wood and the floor is made of reclaimed gym flooring. None of the structures built go above the window line keeping it linear and open to outside light. The windows were a problem for privacy but add to the openness, so Hank created a great solution. He built translucent insulation panels into the walls that can be raised with magnets. This allows for privacy and insulation yet keeps the option for natural lights and panoramic views alive.

bus home1

Two skylights were added to the bus which add a great deal of natural light.


The drivers cabin wasn’t changed much but can be separated by retractable panels.


Hank used a standard school bus that he painted a neutral gray.


The seating area is very versatile and takes up four window bays. It is the largest area on the bus and it features four large seats on each side of the aisle. The seats closest to the front can be converted into a queen-sized sleeping area. The seats towards the back can be raised to create work or eating surfaces. The last seat has storage underneath. The bus is prepared for a multitude of scenarios with this flexible living area. There are two narrow beds at the back of the bus, on each side of the aisle that have great storage space underneath and on the front side facing the seating area. These beds can be pushed together created a queen-sized bed, with room for a small twin bed to the side. There is enough space to sleep six adults on the bus.

bus home

The kitchen on the bus is basically a pump sink and some storage cabinets for the time being. A chest fridge and gas cook top may be installed in the future.


The layout shows four primary zones: the bathroom, kitchen, seating area, and bedroom.


A portable toilet hides behind a wall to give privacy in this small bathroom space.






Source: homedesigning

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