How to Reuse PVC Pipes?


If you’re not a beginner in DIY world, you know that you can create various projects from many different materials, from toilet paper rolls to cereal boxes. But, did you know that actually you can reuse old PVC pipes for making adorable creations?! Well, I assure you that is completely possible! This supply is very cheap and is easy to work with. There are very simple projects that are sure to inspire.


Image credit: Thrifty and Chic

DIY Shoe Rack

I am starting the countdown with an idea that will satisfy every woman who is obsessed with shoes. As you own many pairs of footwear, you probably have a problem with lack of space or you don’t have an appropriate storage solution. This DIY Shoe Rack will solve your dilemmas and will help you to have all your favorite pairs on hand, all the time!


Image credit: Cookielovesmilk


DIY Rolling Rack

Create a perfect display for your clothes and keep your space and room organized by making a cool DIY Rolling Rack out of PVC pipes. This is a simple, yet practical project that’s completely worth the effort!


Image credit: Hrrrthrrr 


DIY PVC Pipe Laptop Stand

Your PC deserves and needs an appropriate display! So, instead of buying new, high-priced stand you can save some money and make one with your hands. This DIY PVC Pipe Laptop Stand is very easy project that can be achieved by anyone at any skill level!


Image credit: DIY and Crafts 


PVC Pipe Mirror

If you have a lot of PVC pipes, don’t throw them away! Get creative and transform that plumbing material into gorgeous mirror frame that will be perfect as a blank wall solution or room decor…the list with possibilities is endless!


Image credit: Thrifty and Chic


PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holders

Fun and practical storage projects are always welcomed in any bathroom. This time I am representing you a suggestion that will show you how to make a PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holders by yourself. They’re hidden away on the inside of the cupboard door, which is making them easy accessible and less visible! Great idea from Craftingintherain.


Image credit: Craftingintherain.


DIY Cabana

Can you believe it that if you want to make a cabana for your garden you’ll need PVC pipes?! Yes, it’s true! So, find 8 of them and create a cabana. This idea will bring coziness in your backyard by transforming it into real relaxation area!


Image credit: Sunset


Turn Hardware Pipes into a Modern Wine Rack

This DIY Wine Rack is so adorable solution for any kind of a shelf and no one will believe you that is made of PVC pipes. Plus, by making it you’ll always have all great wines well displayed!


Image credit: Martha Stewart