Old Bus Transformed into Home Office

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Buses are a normal part of public transportation in most cities, but they don’t last forever. So when that final time comes, they likely never get used again. That is, unless you are willing to get creative. Hungarian man converted old Ikarus bus into a private office.

bus office2

We don’t often get to see old buses refurbished into anything new, so this is really neat. A man in Hungary took that section of the bus and gutted it. He then gave the old bus a shiny, new red paint job.

bus office3

bus office4

Then he put his home office necessities inside along with some matching accessories. It all comes together quite nicely to make a pretty sweet little office area which takes up very little space in his bedroom.

bus office6

bus office5

Perhaps this will inspire you to add some personality to your own home office.


Source: toxel