How to Make a Pallet Bookshelf


A pallet book holder is fun, functional, and an unexpected solution. DIY creations using pallets are so popular right now and if you search around you can find plenty more projects to fill your to-do list!  Let’s start!


After snagging a few pallets from my local hardware store, I was ready to make the pallet book holder. Depending on the pallet you find / pick up, you can get two bookshelves from one pallet – each end of the pallet is one book holder.

IMG_3603-21-1024x768 Check out the step-by-step:

1. Remove / pry off the center wood strip(s) from the pallet (as shown in the above image), using the back of a hammer or crowbar. These wood strip(s) will be reused for the bottom of the bookshelf. Pallets come in a few difference sizes, so others may have 1 or multiple center wood strips. My pallet only had one, so I had to use a wood strip from another pallet to create the bottom for my second bookshelf.

2. Reuse the center wood strip and attach it to the side of the pallet, which will soon be the bottom of the bookshelf. I reused the nails that were already in the wood strip, but you may need / want to use new nails (depending on their condition).


3. Measure about 1-2″ above the higher wood strip and make a mark for your cuts.

4. Using a jigsaw, make your cuts.


5. Once the cuts are done, your bookshelf is essentially complete.

6. Sand down all the sharp edges using a hand sander or power sander.

7. Stain.  I used Minwax Jacobean stain for a dark look.  The wood was quite porous, so it soaked it right up!

DIY-Pallet-Shelves-2-454x1024 (1)

8. Once completely dry (it took mine a few days to completely dry and not smell anymore), they were ready to hang. To hang the pallet bookshelves, I used Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors which are great to use when you can’t find a stud (never my strong suit).

And they’re ready to fill with your child’s favorites books.

DSC_0338-1-1024x608 DSC_0350-1-722x1024 DSC_0362-1-945x1024


Source: sasinteriors