Make a chandelier using plastic spoons!

- Creative Lighting, DIY, Recycle

Chandeliers are gorgeous addition to any place, but they can be really expensive. Here you have a tutorial for a simple, cost-effective and beautiful chandelier made from a plastic spoons. Create your own lighting magic!



What you need:

  • plastic spoons,
  • a large, clear water bottle,
  • a light fixture and globe,
  • some plastic adhesive glue,
  • a Stanley knife.



1. Using a Stanley knife, carefully remove the handles from each spoon. Cut them off where they join the head of the spoon.


2. Remove the bottom of the bottle.


3. Place a medium-sized drop of clear plastic adhesive glue on the plastic spoon, where the handle was removed, and paste it, facedown, around the water bottle. Start at the bottom of the water bottle-paste a row of spoons around the circumference of the bottle, ensuring that at least half the spoons form an overhang. Paste the next row so that half the spoon overlaps with the row beneath it. Continue this process until the entire bottle is covered with spoons in a fish scale-like pattern.


4. Cover the neck of the bottle with a ring of spoons by simply gluing one spoon into another, leaving a slight overhang.


5. Glue the completed ring securely into place. Put the cable through the bottle inside and install a lightbulb. Choose a bulb that does not get too hot when it is switched on – a CFL or an LED globe will work best.


6. Now you can hang your beautiful homemade spoon-delier anywhere you like in your home!


Source: letsupcycle