Ideas for Small Bathroom

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Just because your bathroom is short on space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on either style or storage solutions. With clever design tricks, your small bathroom can look bigger and more comfortable than you thought.


Towel Racks

Attaching multiple towel racks to the inside of a bathroom door will save space. This look can be accomplished by buying multiples in any good quality towel rack.


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Storage solutions

If the cabinet space under your sink makes it awkward to organize, try using shower caddies as shelving! They’ll fit around the pipes & you don’t have to hammer a single nail to install them..brilliant.


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Bathroom Mirror Storage Case

Extend the counter to go over the toilet to get extra counter space in a small bathroom.


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Use a corner sink to get the most out of a small bathroom. Every bathroom has to satisfy certain needs and, therefore, must include the basics: the sink and faucet, shower or bathing area, and the toilet. No matter how small the space, these things have to be shoved in there.


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If you have enough room, a dresser can serve as bathroom furniture to add more storage. Cabinets with legs are really effective.


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Combate bathroom clutter with a few small shelves to provide great storage for…Organizing Small Bathroom Sinks


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Mason Jar Organizer

The little guys can hang in any room of your home & really organize & hold anything, I guess that’s what makes them so great. My favorite way is to organize my cotton balls, cotton squares, floss, & my most used makeup items.


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