How to make collar statement necklace?

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These necklaces are perfect to pair with a dress to fancy it up for a night out or even just with a T-shirt for a trendy day-time look.



What you need:

  • about 1 yard of trim,
  • various sizes of beads/buttons/gems, large and small,
  • coordinating thread,
  • chain,
  • about a 1/4 yard of felt,
  • lobster clasp,
  • jump rings,
  • a glue gun,
  • jewelry tools.



1. Make a template on paper, and trace it onto felt, twice, and then cut out both pieces.

2. Arrange cut pieces onto another large piece of felt how you want them to look in the formation of a collar and pin. Overlap the two pieces in the center just enough so the point of the collar isn’t too thin.


3. Sew the collar pieces onto the new piece of felt and then cut out the collar again. This just creates a strong backing.


4. Pin the trim around the collar with (lots of) pins. Pin in a figure 8 type formation. It laid very nicely when I did it this way.


5. Sew the trim on, taking out the pins as you go. Be sure to go along with the sequins not against them.


6. Then use your glue gun to add on the larger gems/buttons/beads. For large and medium beads, put a dot of hot glue on the actual bead or button and place it where you want.


7. Add on the medium ones and fill in most gaps.


8. If there are any small gaps left, us the hot glue gun to glue in some tiny beads. For the tiny beads, make a pool of glue in the space left to fill and press as many small beads into it as you can, making sure to cover all the glue.


8. Turn your collar over. Cut a length of chain however long or short you want. Cut that length of chain in half so you have two pieces of chain. Glue each piece of chain to the outside points of your collar. Place a triangle piece of felt over top to conceal the chain and glue and to hold the chain firmly in place.


9. To finish off the closure of the necklace, use your flat nose pliers and bent nose pliers to open up a jump ring. Slide on one chain and a lobster clasp and close. On the other side, open up a jump ring and slide on the chain and also a small length of additional chain and close. The additional chain can be used to adjust the necklace up and down.


10. And a result is this beautiful necklace!



Source: miss lovie

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