How to make a guitar shelf?

- Creative Shelving, DIY, Repurpose
Do you have an old guitar that you don’t use anymore? It’s time to use it 🙂
What you need:
  • an acoustic guitar,
  • wood quarter to a half inch thick,
  • drill,
  • screws,
  • wood glue,
  • chisel or screw driver,
  • clamps.


1. Removing strings. Take the strings off of the guitar by loosening the tuning machine and plucking the prongs out of the saddle.


2. De-facing the guitar. Take off the face of the guitar. Clamp the guitar down so the guitar doesn’t move around. Start by using a hand saw to cut into the guitar’s side about an 8th of an inch down so that you are just cutting away the face.


Once the saw has cut enough, you may be able to take a chisel or even a screw driver to pry the rest of the face off.



3. Cutting the shelves. Once you’ve cleared the face off, measure the inside of the guitar where you would like your shelves to go. Measure the depth of the guitar as well. Cut the wood down to these dimensions.


4. Placing the shelves in the guitar. Glue the shelves down in place and let dry for a few hours. Then take a drill and drill a screw on both sides of the guitar through the shelves for extra strength.


5. Finishing up. Finish your project by sanding the guitar down so that there are no chips of wood.


Also, if you want to get real creative, you can re-paint your guitar with different colors depending on your taste.