Homemade Treats for Your Pets

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We all love our pets and they love us back. Why not pamper them by making their food or treats from scratch? We've rounded up 9 recipes to help you show those animals just how much you care! (Warning: Some look good enough for a human to eat!)     dog 10 {C} 1. These cinnamon bun treats are for dogs, but I'm ready to snack on them myself! dog 1

2. These easy dog treats were created by Curbly writer, Capree Kimball! She shares a simple two ingredient recipe that can be customized a number of ways to pamper your pooch!   dog 2

3. If you've got a picky kitty, DIY Network shares a recipe for all-natural cat treatsdog 3 

4. Don't forget the horses! These hanging oat treats will keep your big friend happy and healthy! dog 4

5. Got chickens? It's not uncommon to raise the birds! The Field and Table shares a healthy recipe for chicken feed so you know exactly what your feathered friends are eating!

dog 5

6. Whole Foods Market shares a tasty recipe for homemade peanut butter and banana treats! Can you say, "yum"? 

dog 6

7. Another great recipe for homemade cat recipes via eHow! photo by Jeffrey Brian Airman for eHow. dog 7

8. Hummingbird nectar is one of the easiest treats to make for animals. It's basically sugar and water. That's doable, right? Learn the ratio from Common Sense Home

dog 8

9. Celebrating your pup's birthday soon? Use candles he can eat! These candle treats by A Subtle Revelry will help your dog celebrate the right way.  dog 9

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