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Birch turf DIY ideas

- DIY, Green Design, Home & Garden

A few old branches aren’t worth much to us (unless there’s a fire in need of building), but this post will convince you that they are worth a second glance. You will find some people take a bunch of logs and turns them into a piece of furniture; Also you can find many kinds of home decorations out of logs, just as candle holders, vases, coat hook and wooden lamps… Get ready to explore birch turf with these 10+ Birch DIY ideas. Get inspired by the multitude of ideas and then get to D.I.Y action.


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Before & After: Lucky Penny Vase

- Before & After, Home & Garden

A vase is perfect though. You can pick one up for really cheap at a thrift store and then run by the bank for a couple rolls of nice shiny new pennies. Just think of the designs that could be made or the other simple items that could be used.


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Recycle useless items into new garden tools

- Home & Garden, Recycle

Some items can gain new lives as garden tools, and developing new uses for dependable old standbys can open a whole new world of possibilities. This approach often proves to be more productive and certainly less expensive. All of these “new” tools will help ease your gardening chores for many years, and you’ll feel the pride and delight that comes with creating a new use for what might have been discarded.


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