Healthy Vitamin Recipe: Homemade Fruit and Veggie Gummies

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Most of us busy parents are on the look out for new ways to squeeze extra nutrition into our growing kids. Around here, we love using our juicer and enjoying fresh fruit and veggie juice, but it’s not really something you can grab-and-go (well you can.. but not without cleaning out a clogged-up juicer later on in the day).

Fruit and veggie gummies are our latest solution for getting good nutrition in small, portable doses.


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These gummies can be treated as vitamins, snacks, treats, dessert- whatever works for you and your kids. Test out different juice combinations and see what you like best. You can be confident that your kids are being well-nourished when they reach for these!   

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Healty Vitamin Recipe: Homemade Fruit and Veggie Gummies