Halloween Mason Jar Craft Ideas

- Halloween

These crafts are sure to be loved by kids, and adults. The kids will particularly enjoy the ones they can eat after Halloween is over with, if they haven’t already had their fill of sugar by then! Happy Halloween!


The Changeable Table shared these super pretty (and spooky) candle lanterns and has also provided the full tutorial on how to make them yourself! What a creative use of mason jars of various sizes, and a little tissue paper thrown in the mix, too! Can’t you just imagine how cool these would look at night, sitting on your front porch or walkway?


Sew Dang Cute Crafts took things a step further than the typical mason jar drinking glass by all the detail put into their “Spider Cider” drinking-jar! They look so good, and one of the coolest things is the solid gray look, blending the lid and jar itself into the appearance of being one solid piece. The spiders and webbing are also brilliantly crafted!


Contributed to Lil’ Luna, these mason jar mini cakes are absolutely adorable and though completely edible and tempting to eat right out of the jar, it’d almost be sad to mess up such a good looking cake! The details are simple, yet add so much character; the eyes, crooked little smiles, and wrapping it up with the mummy with no smile at all.


Mason Jar Crafts Love, having been inspired by The Swell Life‘s tutorial of a Candy Corn vase, has shared a really nice and pretty Halloween version of a candy corn jar vase! The painted jar along with the untouched and original silver colored rings go exceptionally well together, all while holding the frosted black rose arrangement for the perfect Halloween effect!


She’s {kinda} Crafty, indeed! Using these little rounded jars, she created these adorable little DIY pumpkins, with the option of making them into Jack ‘O Lantern’s.

The little printable card hanging from the top of the pumpkin says “orange you glad it’s almost Halloween,” and she made that available to you for printing yourself via a link at the bottom of her tutorial. The best part about these adorable little creations is being able to countdown the time until Halloween, using the lid and a piece of chalk.


Contributed by Landee See, Landee Do. These three mason jars are just perfect for that in-home Halloween celebration, either by adding to current holiday decor, or standalone. The painted details almost make these jars look like marble, which is a really cool effect to achieve. Hanging letters from them to spell out “Boo” is too cute, and falls right in line with the Halloween theme! Orange, black, and white for the free candy night!


The 36th Avenue really went all out for us with these delicious, stylish, and extremely creative Halloween pumpkin & chocolate chip cookies in a jar! Not only did they get real crafty and creative with the pretty details of the mason jars, they are also sharing the recipe label and artwork as a free printable, which can be found at the bottom of their tutorial. Providing choices is excellent, and they did just that by illustrating either making the pumpkin cookies and placing them into the jars, or simply and stylishly dumping the ingredients in a jar and placing the recipe & directions label onto it. Either way you go about making this very tasty treat, you win. This beautiful idea is perfect for gifts, and sparking creativity.


The Noble Pig really crafted an attention getter with their spooky graveyard Halloween mason jar cakes! If Stephen King or R. L. Stein were bakers, this is what they’d make! In a disgustingly brilliant way, the creator reaches out and captures your attention with the details of this presumably tasty mini-cake! The colorful worms, R.I.P. tombstone, chocolate sprinkles, and dirt made from chocolate cake batter are all placed perfectly within the jar, providing you with mixed thoughts of both yummy and gross all at the same time. This is a job well done, and obviously perfect for kids of all ages to enjoy this Halloween! Now, if you want to see something really gross (and admittedly clever), check out their Halloween kitty litter cake, served up with a real litter box and scoop!


Last but not least, Debbiedoo’s shows us how to add a touch of Halloween to our windowsills or kitchen counters, with her spider & real candy corn mason jars! The details around the ring or neck of the jars are very simple and cute, including the black spider that appears to be trying to get into the jar to eat all the candy! The orange, black, and white really make these craft jars stand out and grab attention!

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