Four ways to repurpose and recycle household items

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Breaking things in your home has never been a good feeling as it often means you will have to throw away the piece before its time. If you take a few minutes and look through your cabinet, you might find you have loads of broken picture frames, teacups, furniture or other household items that you might be thinking they belong in the trash. Just before you toss them out have a look at the various ways you can still find some use for them in your home and create a stunning addition to your décor.


  1. Transform the picture frame to an earring holder

In the event you break the glass of your picture frame, no need to throw it away yet, you could use it as a gorgeous earring display. The only thing you will need to get is a wire that you would use to hang your earrings. Run the wire through the picture frame and immediately hang your beautiful earrings, it could also work as a gift idea for your girlfriends.

Here is a great video tutorial that you can follow:

  1. The old basket as a recycling center

If you have a rather old basket just lying around your pantry, why not repurpose it as a recycling center. The good thing, the basket does not have to be able to hold anything, so if it has a hole in the bottom not to worry about it. All you will need to do is place wastebaskets inside your old basket then label the sections, to ensure everything is neatly organized.

handmade baskets made from natural products, wicker

Source: Recycle Nation

  1. New flip-flops from your old ones

We tend to throw away the old flip-flops once the straps have come loose, It is time that you stopped throwing them out each time the summer season has reached. Instead of running to the store and buying new ones, why not make a new pair of shoe from them. All you will need is a bit of fabric that will make the cutest braided flip-flops, making it perfect for a new summer look. Additionally, it will allow you to keep those old shoes even if they looked like they were ready for the trash.

Here you can follow video tutorial very easy:

  1. Baby lotion bottles to cell phone charging stations

Most of our trashcans are filled with baby lotion bottles, but why not make use of these bottles. Create a cell phone charging station that will help keep the cords neatly tucked away. To make it add some edge to your décor, a little fabric glued to the bottle will do the trick.


Source: MakeIt LoveIt

  • These are some very good ideas! My girls recently learned about recycling and waste control and they are trying now to reuse, re-purpose, etc… each old and useless item they find at home. these are some nice ideas for them to try. Thanks for sharing!