DIY Stump side table

- DIY, Unique Furniture

You take something that’s essentially garbage and you turn it into something beautiful and functional. We also love that it’s super easy to make, doesn’t cost much and doesn’t require a ton of special tools.



  • Wooden stump
  • Sand paper
  • Spray polyurethane (in a matte finish)
  • Scrub brush
  • Gold spray paint (optional).


1. First and foremost, snag yourself a few free stumps. Try and find stumps that already have the bark removed and are cut as close to level as possible to that you don’t need to do anything other than sand the rough parts down a bit.


2.  Once you’ve picked your stumps, give them a good brush to get all of the excess pieces and dirt off. You can even wipe them down if you need to. Next, sand them down to the desired finish and smoothness that you’d like.


3. Now that you’ve sanded them, turn them upside down and spray paint the bottoms a color of your choice, fading it upwards. Once the color is dry, flip them over and give them a few coats of polyurethane so that the wood will hold up to wear a tear a bit better.

4. When they’re dry, you can go to town styling them, and considering they’re practically free, I’m sure you’ll find lots of places to put them!




Source: sugarandcloth