DIY Rolling Storage Crates


If you’ve got kids, you know that toy storage is a must. Here is an easy tutorial for rolling storage crates, which are great as a rolling book cart, toy bin or catchall for odds and ends.


What you need:

  • 1 small bottle of blue acrylic paint,
  • 4 small bottles of white acrylic paint,
  • Rust-Oleum chalk board spray black paint,
  • 2 crates,
  • 8 wheels.


1.  Apply the acrylic paint with a medium size paint brush directly on the wood. If you are working with treated wood, sand it before you apply the paint.


2.  Outline a rectangle using painter’s tape and spray and paint it using Rust-Oleum chalk board spray black paint.


3. Wait three hours before removing the painter’s tape to ensure a perfect rectangle.


4. If you have some small wood pieces, paint and glue them and you will get nice frame for your chalkboard rectangle.


5. Add wheels to each crate, screw them to the bottom of the crates.


6. If you want paint the inside of the crates too.


7. Put children toys and books.. they gonna love it!

toys and books

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