DIY Record side table


Records are great for projects, there are tons of things you can make with old records. Have you ever upcycled a record? An old record, a planter stand & a glue gun is what you’ll need to make this table!


For this project you will need:

  • a vinyl lp record. Make sure it is one that you don’t mind “destroying”, for all listening purposes, anyway. You can often pick up some old records at thrift stores for about a dollar.
  • a planter stand. Preferably in black, to match the record. Also, make sure it in not wider at the top than your record’s width. For instance, for a 12 inch record, I used a planter stand that was 10 inches wide at the top.
  •  a glue gun.



1. Wipe down the record with a damp paper towel – chances are if it’s vintage, there may be a good bit of dust trapped in the grooves. Clean both sides, then wipe gently with a dry cloth. Make sure it’s dry before attaching to the table.

2. Heat up your hot glue gun.

3. Once the hot glue gun is ready to use, apply an even line of hot glue all along the entire top edge of the planter, where the record will sit.

4. Promptly place the record on top of the planter while the glue is still hot. Be careful to place it so that it is centered – you don’t want to scoot it around to get it in the right position after it has come in contact with the glue.

5. Let the glue cool and harden – and you are done! Super easy.


All that is left to be done is to find the perfect spot for your new little little piece of upcycled furniture to sit! 🙂




Source: theflourishingabode