DIY Pinecone Christmas Tree


Some families have a tradition of making their own Christmas decorations, and increasingly more people now choose to have a DIY Xmas tree as well. Besides saving the trees, a DIY Xmas tree project also strengthens the holiday spirit, and makes them all the more special. It also serves as a one of a kind interior decoration.


For this little project you will need a plastic cemetery vase that you can pick up at a thrift store and a handful of pinecones.


1. Before you start doing anything with your pinecones, you need to clean them and get all the sap off of them.

2. Now that you are all cleaned up, let’s begin! First, take some wire cutters and trim all of the ‘petals’ off of your pinecones. For whole tree you’ll need four pinecones.


3. After you have trimmed your pinecones, start at the bottom of your vase and hot glue your petals around the bottom. If you are using a styrofoam cone, you may have to wrap it in paper or something so it will stick.


4. And you just keep going round and round and round until you reach the top!


5. When you get to the top of tree, yan can take one of the little sprouts from pinecone and hot glue it right on top!


You can seet your little tree on thrift store candle holders and enjoy in it 🙂



Source: somuchbetterwithage