DIY Photo Ladder


Simple solutions are often surprisingly interesting. If you have some spare wood and few picture frames and no clue what to do with them, here is an idea that is interesting for your living room corner.

Photo Ladder (A)

My gracious neighbor gave me these nice tree branches.


Well… they sat on the back porch for awhile as I contemplated what to use them for.


I cut the pieces I needed and I nailed it together. It is purely a decorative piece. so…WARNING:No climbing on this ladder!

Branch Ladder

I didn’t know what to do with it. And then finally it came to me… a photo ladder and a possible place in the dining room. So I went out and bought some ingredients I needed.


and then got to cookin’. All I did next was (after measuring) predrilled a small hole in the branches and photo frames and then screwed in screw eyes.


I had originally planned to use S hooks to link the frame to the steps but because my steps had different heights… it didn’t work out. So I used hemp string I bought at Walmart a few weeks back.  I actually like it better than the S hooks. Next,  I painted my photo frames white and then picked out some black and white photos of our wedding and put them in.

Photo Ladder (C)

and just stuck them on.

Photo Ladder (H)


Source: creative-ambitions