DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas – Cutlery and Utensil Storage Solutions

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There are so many creative and uncommon ways to store things in the kitchen. With our fresh kitchen storage ideas you can create an eclectic and functional kitchen space with a variety of different decor elements. These great utensil storage solutions are easy to make and look realy cute.


 Hanging pockets for cutlery

DIY kitchen storage ideas – Tabletop cutlery organizers


Alternatively, you can use also a flower pot with a ribbon for a garden party. These utensil containers keep cutlery right where it’s needed.


Hanging pockets and wall hooks aren’t the only options for open storage displays. This cute bucket makes room for several spoons and whisks.


A new and unusual kitchen utensil organizers that also complement the decor. Paper cones, coated with decoupage fabric, made to store the wooden spoons and other kitchen utensils.


Store utensils in vintage trophies


Use a pegboard to hang extra storage or utensils