DIY: Jute Wrapped Bottles

- DIY, Recycle

Wrapping used wine bottles in jute keeps your spring and summer blooms looking fresh and modern. The texture of the rough twine contrasts with the delicate floral stems from your garden and adds just the right amount of interest.  Makes a great gift idea for your neighbors and friends who invite you over for a barbecue.



  • Wine bottle, cleaned of labels
  •  Glue gun
  •  Scissors
  •  Roll of Jute twine.



To start, begin at the bottom and apply a small dot of glue.  Press the start of the twine and let dry.


Keep going around, gluing every few inches until you get to the starting point again (pictured above).  Once you get to this point, you won’t need to glue anymore until you get to the slope of the neck.


Once you get here, you will need to once again glue every few inches to keep the twine in place.


Then wrap up the narrow neck in the same manner as the bottle and then place a dot of glue at the end (top) of the bottle.


One down, how many more are you going to make?



Source: momtastic