DIY jewelry storage ideas

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Probably your jewelry is placed in a practical but boring jewelry box. With these clever DIY jewelry storage ideas you can let your rocks sparkle like true decorative objects! With our tips the simple wooden boxes are transformed into real treasure chests, an old picture frame ennobled with stylish upholstery and small hooks and branches become sparkling displays. Check out these creative ways to organize your necklaces and earrings and to display your most favorite pieces, too.

jewelry holder

Painted Twigs: These amazing technicolor twigs are so welcoming and definitely take us back to summers at the camp craft table. A cool display for your lake house getaway.

painted twigs

Hanger Jewelry Holder: This hanger hack looks stunning against a plain brick or heavy patterned wall. Just paint on a metallic coat and screw in eye hooks the length of the wooden hanger to achieve this functional display.

hanher jewelry holder

Frame and Moulding Organizer: Flea markets are prime hunting grounds for second hand hidden treasure just waiting to be repurposed, like this frame. Can you believe the elegant transformation? From totally tossable to multi-functional organizer using wood glue, power tools and a bit of elbow grease.

frame organizer

Cutlery Tray Necklace Organizer: Cutlery trays are already perfectly compartmentalized, so it makes sense to use them to neatly store necklaces with the addition of some clear knobs and cup hooks. We love the different freehand patterns in each cubby!

cutlery tray

Driftwood Jewelry Rack: Adopt a lonely piece of driftwood next time you’re at the beach and bring it home for this resourceful DIY. We love the rustic feel the unfinished wood and medley of knobs give this jewelry rack.

driftwood jewelry

Painted Hooks Accessory Organizer: Take an assortment of hooks from hodgepodge to super swanky with one coat of paint. Varied bold colors give each hook a distinct personality, making it easier to remember which accessory belongs on which hook.

painted hooks

Pallet and Pipe Jewelry Holder: The curved shape of copper plumbing hardware is a perfect substitute for a traditional look. We love how the faded finish tames the rich teal color of the painted wood pallet.

pallet and pipe holder

Wooden Tray Organizer: If one too many drinks spilled has nicked away at your wooden serving tray, give it a new life in the form of a hanging jewelry organized. The wooden spool “hooks” give this piece a warm, homey feel.

wooden tray organizer

Jewelry Bust: Strike a pose on your good side for this DIY. Though this project is a bit more involved to take from start to finish, who wouldn’t want to put in the time to make an amazing modern bust?

jewelry bust

Hanging Teacup Display: Coffee drinkers, finally get some good use out of your dainty teacup set! Glue the tea cup to each dessert plate at an angle to have a toppling tea party the Mad Hatter would definitely approve of.

hanging tea cup


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