DIY: Hanging Mason Jar Storage


All of us often are facing problems with the storage. We don`t have enough space for all our stuff and our homes are not so good organized, and usually we spend a lot of money for buying extra closets and storage items. But we have some easy DIY budget-friendly solution for extra storage in every home. RX-HGMAG011_Quimby-Kitchen-144-a-4x3_lg

Materials Needed:

  • canning jars with lids (6 were used for this project)
  • Phillips-head screw driver
  • 6 screws (no longer than width of surface jars hang from)
  • hammer
  • flat-head nail (3/8” x 18”) or something similar
  • scrap piece of wood or another flat, hard surface.

Step 1

Remove the lid from the jar. It will separate in two pieces: the rim and a flat top. Quimby-mason-jars-supplies-4x3_lg

Step 2

Place the flat top on the scrap piece of wood. You can use any flat surface that you don’t mind putting a hole in, like an old cutting board. Hammer the nail into the center of the flat top, just wide enough to create a small hole. Quimby-mason-jars-hammer-4x3_lg

Step 3

Place the flat tin top back inside the rim, and screw the entire lid on to the underside of a shelf or cabinet you plan to hang the jars from. Add anything you’d like to store in the jar and tighten it around the lid. Be mindful to hold the bottom when opening and closing the Mason jars. Quimby-mason-jars-screw-NEW-3x4_lg RX-HGMAG011_Quimby-Kitchen-144-a-4x3_lg     Source: hgtv