DIY Christmas Decor: Snow Globes


Probably the best way to get inspired for the holidays is to decorate your house and a Christmas tree. And if you take it one step further and decide to make the decorations yourself, then Christmas will be all the more special!

mason jar

Supplies Used:

  • mason or food jars
  • distilled water
  • glitter
  • liquid glycerin
  • ornaments for inside globes
  • sand paper, crazy glue.mason jar2


1. The first thing I did was spray paint all of the lids, even the gold mason ones to keep them all the same shade. I also decided to spray paint the deer figurines, but keep the trees green.

mason jar3

2. You’ll want to sand the underside of the lids to make them easier to stick and use the permanent glue to attach the figurines to the inside of the lid.

mason jar4

3. Next, use glitter to fill the bottom of the jar with enough to cover the entire bottom and make a nice layer of ‘snow’. After that, fill the jar to the top with distilled water and add a few drops of liquid glycerin. The glycerin helps the glitter not to stick together.

mason jar5

4. I wanted to make sure my jars would be sealed tightly with no risk of leaking so I put a small layer of super glue on the rim of the lid before attaching it to the jar.

mason jar6

5. Last step is to turn over, shake up your snow globes and enjoy!

mason jar7

mason jar

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