DIY Brass Side Tables

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Make an airy DIY metal side table using aluminum sheets and a wood top with our tutorial.


1.) Supplies needed: three aluminum sheet metal (usually sold 3 ft x 2 ft), two wood rounds, wood stain, polyurethane, heavy-duty glue*. Not pictured: metal clippers, work gloves, embroidery thread, masking tape, scissors, spray paint primer, brass spray paint (or any color you prefer), sandpaper and RotoZip RotoSaw.

2.) Cut your metal sheets to your desired height. For the larger of my two tables I needed two metal sheets, so if you are creating a larger side table be sure to cut two sheets the same height. Always wear work gloves when working with metal-it’s sharp stuff! Try to cut along the top edge of the design, so you can avoid having jagged edges.


3.) Use the embroidery thread to securely tie the metal sheets into rounds. Use a neutral colored thread. But we will be painting this later so it doesn’t have to match perfectly. I taped one edge of my thread as I worked, this helped me thread it in and out for the metal sheet more easily.

4.) Prime the metal table base. Be sure to get the inside and outside. Once dry (check your bottle for dry times) spray with your desired color. I choose a brassy gold color, but you could also do a brighter gold, color or even leave it white.


5.) Sand your wood rounds so they feel super smooth to the touch. Stain them with whatever color you choose and allow to fully dry. Check the container for dry times. Then coat with polyurethane.

6.) Place the metal base (cut side down) on to the wood round. Trace a circle around where the metal hits. I used a RotoZip RotoSaw to cut a groove over this line. Squeeze a little crazy glue* into the cut, then fit your metal base into the cut. This is easier done with a partner (thanks Elsie!).

*I had originally planned to use J.B. Weld glue as it was recommended to me while I was buying supplies at the hardware store. Once I started using it I found it was too goopy to cleanly get into the cut groove. So, I instead used crazy glue.


Once your wood dries you are good to go. If you glued the cut side of the metal into the top wood round of the table(s) you shouldn’t have a problem with these scraping the ground. Be sure to pick them up when moving (they weigh practically nothing so it’s easy) or place a rug under them for extra security. Enjoy your new side table(s)!

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  • Brittaney Hamilton

    What size wood rounds did you use?