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There are countless ways to use this inexpensive and often overlooked material in decorating and diy projects, so Addicted 2 Decorating rounded up 45 ways to use jute to add texture and a natural element to your projects and accessories in decorating.  diy projects with jute--jute wall clock[9]

Image credit: Original idea from The Rooster And The Hen

We are featuring only 14 ideas here, and for the rest please visit Addicted 2 Decorating.

1. Update a lampshade with jute.  You can wrap the shade vertically like this…

diy projects with jute--jute wrapped lamp shade[6]

Image credit: Original idea from The handmade home


2. Or you can wrap the shade with jute horizontally like this…

diy projects with jute--jute wrapped lamp shade 2[6]

Image credit: Original idea from Mossy Rock Interiors

3. Wrap jute around empty cans to create inexpensive containers for storage and organization. diy projects with jute--jute wrapped cans for storage and organization[5]

Image credit: Original idea from Brown Paper Packages


4. If you don’t have a spare bowl, you can create your own bowl out of your choice of material, and then wrap it in jute. diy projects with jute--bowl made from a vinyl record and wrapped in jute[9]

Image credit: Original idea from Happy Go Lucky


5. You can paint your jars first, and then add a smaller amount of jute to use as a cheerful summer vase.

diy projects with jute--painted mason jar embellished with jute used as a vase[8]

Image credit: Original idea from Little Chief Honeybee


6. If you’re filling your jar with decorative filler, add small decorative touches with jute. diy projects with jute--glass jar decorated with jute[8]

Image credit: Original idea from Pretty Handy Girl


7. You can use jute on your upholstery and furniture projects.  Just rosette buttons add a natural touch to upholstery. how to make jute rosette buttons 7

Image credit: Original idea from Addicted 2 Decorating


8. Or you can wrap sections of your furniture piece in jute for added texture.

diy projects with jute--ladder back chair wrapped with jute[9]

Image credit: Original idea from Centsational Girl


9. Instead of replacing boring drawer pulls and knobs, wrap them in jute.

diy projects with jute--dresser with jute drawer pulls[8]

Image credit: Original idea from Designer Garden


10. Give a plain picture frame a facelift with jute.

diy projects with jute--jute wrapped picture frame[5]

Image credit: Original idea from Design, Dining + Diapers


11. Create a framed woven jute dry erase calendar.

diy projects with jute--woven jute dry erase calendar[5]

Image credit: Original idea from Charcoal & Crayons


12. Spice up a table top tray with jute.

diy projects with jute--table top tray with jute details[5]

Image credit: Original idea from The Handmade Home


13. Use jute to create a textural background for framed items.

diy projects with jute--jute background for framed items[5]

Image credit: Original idea from Simple Craft Diaries


14.Use the entire spool of jute as a candle holder.

diy projects with jute--use spool of jute as a candle holder[8]  Image credit: Original idea from Family Chic

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