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DIY Rope Shelves

- Creative Shelving, DIY

Everyone needs more shelf space in their home, and graced with a pretty display, these easy-to-make hanging shelves add interest to any empty wall. Use them as a decorative display in the living or dining room or for storage space in a kitchen or bathroom. You can create these functional and stylish hanging shelves in just a few hours.


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DIY Crutch shelving

- Creative Shelving, DIY, Repurpose

Have you ever thought of reusing old crutches to build a shelf?  I must say it looks crazy at the beginning, but as soon as you fill it with books and flowers, it seems to get “normal” look. Anyone who loves vintage bibelots or like to make a flat eclectic, using old stuff along with the modern ones, would be pleased with this inspiration.


Image credit: mamiejanes

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