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DIY Corner Shelves

- Creative Shelving

Just about everyone needs shelves in their home, whether to store their books out of the way or to put some of their cool collections on display. We all have corners in our house, but they are often left empty or aren’t used in a creative way. Let’s change that!


Image credit: ahomewest

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Old furniture sliced and stacked into shelving

- Creative Shelving

Difficult and expensive do not mean better, as this eccentric do-it-yourself shelves can attest, requiring a random mix of recycled vintage table parts, some paint, screws, a saw and a plan.


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Using Books to Create Shelves

- Creative Shelving, DIY

I’ve seen several variations of using books to create “book” shelves in the home. In most cases, it means sacrificing one of your books for the sake of the shelf which can be difficult for many. This DIY home project combines the look of books as shelves while preserving the text. This also allows for easy switching when you discover that the next novel on your summer reading list is currently being used elsewhere in the home!


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