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Ladder and lantern DIY project

- Creative Lighting

Creating additional lighting on the patio can be easier then you think if you are willing to” step it up” with a ladder and a few lanterns. Although not intended to light the entire space, it’s perfect if you are trying to create “mood” lighting while dining or entertaining.


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DIY: Zip Tie Lantern

- Creative Lighting, DIY

An awesome home decor DIY, this Zip Tie Lantern is totally unique and really beautiful. Best of all: it's made from standard zip ties found in the electrical department of Home Depot! 


Image credit: Momtastic

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DIY String Lampshade

- Creative Lighting, DIY

Creating your own pendant lamp is an easy (albeit time consuming) DIY project that can spruce up any room. They’re modern yet simple and classic and can fit most decor schemes. Think about the look you want and let’s begin!