Create wall storage with Crates

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Somehow a shower, pedestal sink and toilet were all miraculously made to fit in this tiny little room. Needless to say, there is absolutely no space for any sort of storage for all the items that typically a guest might need to find in a bathroom.


What can you do with the vertical space? Second, if the storage has got to be out in the open, make it function as decor as well as storage. So here we go, simple wall storage for my little guest bathroom.

I picked up two of these crates at Home Depot for $8 each. (Confession: I actually already had about 6 vintage crates I’ve picked up at flea markets and such that I could have used…but I have a crate collecting obsession, and I couldn’t bear the thought of putting the old cute ones in the bathroom. Lame. I know.)

fresh cribs

I stained them with a dark wood stain. I wasn’t the least bit worried about it looking perfect, the uneven stain adds to the affect, I think.

oil cribs

Next, I screwed on some brackets. I found mine at Lowes, I believe.

oil cribs 2

I screwed them onto the wall where I wanted them, and that was it!

cribs done

cribs complete

I think they are elegantly rustic. Is that a style? Whatever, I like them, and they do the trick just nicely. You know, if you only had one and hung it high enough, you could stick a bar through the brackets for it to double as a towel rack too!

Source: morningbymorningproductions



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