Cool & Creative Ways to Design Dog Beds

- Recycle

Most indoor dog houses/crates are, let’s face it, pretty ugly. Below are some more creative ways of making a space for your pet without metal fencing taking a prime spot in your living room. Some Creative ways of recycling unused stuff at your home and turning it into dog beds that looks packed yet stylish and creative with your home style.


Here are some creative reuse ideas, enjoy!

Create a stylish place for your dog to relax by building a bed made from an unused side table.


Two in One Dog House Design Idea

two-in-one-dog-house-design-idea two-in-one-dog-house

Use up space


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Ikea basic furniture converted to dog beds and table top too. Be creative and use up some space.

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DIY recycled suitcase dog beds

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Yup old monitors could be recycled to a cosy puppy bed




Source: wooftalkkw