Birch Coffee Table How-To


Birch logs can be a beautiful addition to your holiday decorating. Stack them next to the fireplace in a galvanized pail or copper bucket.  Lean taller birch branches against a wall as a natural backdrop. If you like to use power tools and have a little free time on your hands, this may be something you want to tackle. The end result is a very unique, natural coffee table that would be great in a den, or family room or any room.


What You’ll Need:

Birch logs cut 18 inches long
4×8-foot sheet birch plywood
Wood glue
Wood screws
4-inch casters
Clear polyurethane.

Tools You’ll Need:

Circular saw
Miter saw
Cordless drill
Grout float
Putty knife.

birch 3_thumb[4]

Step 1: Cut the plywood base to 33×24 inches, then build a plywood box measuring 27x18x16 inches. Cut two 27×16-inch and two 18×16-inch pieces for sides and one 27×18-inch piece for the top. Glue the box sides together, then screw. Center the box on the wood base, screwing through the box and into the base to secure.

birch 2_thumb[4]

Step 2: Cut logs to 18 inches using a miter saw. We used 34 3-1/2-inch logs, but you can adjust the quantity based on the diameter of your logs. Bead wood glue along one side and on the bottom of each log. Secure the logs to the wood base and box as shown. For extra strength, screw through the wood box into each log.

birch 4_thumb[4]

Step 3: Top the box with the 27×18-inch piece of plywood you cut in Step 1. Screw the top to the box to secure it.
birch 5_thumb[3]

Step 4: Cut 1-inch wood rounds using a miter saw. We cut 40 for this project. Use wood glue to secure each round to the box top, aligning in rows as you glue.

birch 6_thumb[3]

Step 5: Spread grout over the logs with a grout float, smoothing between the edges of the logs. Wipe off extra grout with the float. Use a putty knife to scrape off grout to your desired appearance. Allow the grout to dry before continuing to Step 6.

birch 7_thumb[3]

Step 6: Attach feet to the base with screws. Position the casters 1 inch from the edge of the table. Finish by applying a coat of clear polyurethane to the wood.

birch 8_thumb[3]

And voila!  Your finished birch coffee table.

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Source: bottosblog