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Before & After: Lucky Penny Vase

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A vase is perfect though. You can pick one up for really cheap at a thrift store and then run by the bank for a couple rolls of nice shiny new pennies. Just think of the designs that could be made or the other simple items that could be used.


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DIY: Turn a Broken Down Cabinet Into Beautiful Credenza Using Scrap Wood

- Before & After, DIY
Recently, a beautiful pair of cabinets came into my life — battered, beaten, but with noble bones. A careless string of miserable individuals had heaped abuse upon them under the sickly fluorescent light of some back office.  Yet they stood, faithfully storing files, holding up lamps and coffee makers, enduring the indignities of scratched paint and scotch-tape repairs.  After thirty-five years of service, they were dropped on the curb, left in the Chicago cold, winter wind rattling a few last papers around their feet.  A gentle soul scooped them into his truck and brought them to our warehouse for resuscitation.
scrap cadenza

Before and after furniture projects

- Before & After

Painting furniture is one of the cheapest and simplest ways to upgrade an old or oddly colored piece. In case you’ve got a project waiting in the wings, we’ve rounded up a few “before and after” examples for inspiration and motivation. Remember: Your typical re-make is no costly affair – creativity and paint will suffice to pimp any scruffy piece beyond recognition!

best before and afters

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