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DIY Modern Metallic Candle Holders


The beauty of using disposable cups as a mold is that depending on what kind of cups you use, you can create all kinds of shapes and sizes to mix and match your candle arrangement. You can make them into dramatic votive stands too by inserting a small votive holder into the top before the plaster dries.


Image credit: A Beautiful Mess

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Top Creative Ideas for Repurposing Bed Springs

- Repurpose

If you have at home old nonfunctional bed and want to get rid of it, don`t do that. We will show you a lot creative ideas how to do irreplaceable DIY things using bed springs. You don`t need to be super-craftsman, you just need a little imagination and motivation. With this helpful ideas we are trying to make your work easier. So take a look at these wonderful DIY ideas and make some antique and timeless decorations from bed springs that will be functional and hallmarks for you and your home.


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Parts & Labour Restaurant by Castor

- Architecture

A "heavy metal dude ranch" aesthetic is served up at the new Parts & Labour restaurant in Toronto's Parkdale area. Designed by Brian Richer and Kei Ng of Castor Design, Parts & Labour specializes in hearty comfort food.


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