Monthly Archives: January 2014

Cool & Creative Ways to Design Dog Beds

- Recycle

Most indoor dog houses/crates are, let’s face it, pretty ugly. Below are some more creative ways of making a space for your pet without metal fencing taking a prime spot in your living room. Some Creative ways of recycling unused stuff at your home and turning it into dog beds that looks packed yet stylish and creative with your home style.


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Before & After: Lucky Penny Vase

- Before & After, Home & Garden

A vase is perfect though. You can pick one up for really cheap at a thrift store and then run by the bank for a couple rolls of nice shiny new pennies. Just think of the designs that could be made or the other simple items that could be used.


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Ladder and lantern DIY project

- Creative Lighting

Creating additional lighting on the patio can be easier then you think if you are willing to” step it up” with a ladder and a few lanterns. Although not intended to light the entire space, it’s perfect if you are trying to create “mood” lighting while dining or entertaining.


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