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School Bus Converted into Small Home By Architecture Student

- Architecture

It appears someone has just done what we all secretly wanted – buy a bus, rip the seats out, fit it with beds and tour the country with friends and family. Meet Hank, an architecture student, tired of drawing buildings that would never exist, for clients that were imaginary, and with details he didn’t understand. He decided to keep his thesis very much real and full scale. Though the home isn’t fully livable yet, it is getting close and is an ongoing project for the young architect. Take a tour through his converted bus and see how much living space and storage can be created on a 225 square foot home.

full view bus home

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5-Minute Mason Jar Lamp


Mason jars are sturdy glass jars that are used for canning and other household purposes. They can be easily repurposed as drinking glasses and storage containers because of their strength and durability. Modern mason jar projects are usually stylish, enhancing rustic, shabby chic and country home decor. With a few tools and some materials from the lighting repair section of a hardware store, you can turn a mason jar into a pendant light fixture.


Image Credit: Crafts Unleashed

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Corner diy solutions

- DIY, Unique Furniture

Let creativity sprawl into each and every corner of your home – literally! Narrow corners are surprisingly often overseen and deemed ”impossible” to make something out of…Challenged by this ‘fact’ (further enforced by the lack of pre-made corner solutions from furniture retailers) I thought I’d gather a bunch of corner D.I.Y ideas proving the ‘corners are impossible’ notion wrong.

corner bookshelf

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