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How to use an old bicycle wheel?


Maybe it’s one you’ve done a lot of miles on, or just a wheel being thrown out at your local bike shop. Here is great repurposed decor idea which can be used anywhere in your home. In your kitchen for recipes and to-dos, in living room to show photos, in bedroom for love notes. It’s very satisfying to spin when you walk by in the morning.

Osijek, 08.05.2013 - Kotac za slike

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How to make an ottoman from old tire?

- DIY, Repurpose, Unique Furniture

Almost each year after we change winter tires to those summer ones we struggle with recycling them. As it turns out, with the right materials and some creativity, you can transform them into a functional and stylish piece of furniture.


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How to make a coffee table from a pallet?

- DIY, Pallets Furniture

There is a lot of great ideas in order how to create a coffee table from a pallet. There is also a lot of different colors that can be used in order to combine that table with your other furniture.


Image credit: planb.annaevers

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